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Services / Design


Do you have an amazing idea? Is there something you want to create, but don't know where to start? Have you ever 'known what you want to see on your website or pc' but don't have the skills or equipment to make it happen?

Let me digitise your thoughts.

From posters -

to signage -

to brochures.

A lot of my work begins with a customer's idea, nothing more. Something they can picture in their head, but just can't get onto paper or into a computer.

Let's work together.


Together Anything Is Possible!


Digitise those dusting photo albums stacked in your bookshelves

100 photos - scan, crop, repair - $150 on disc


Scan original photos or use existing digital images and play them along with your favourite song for your wedding, birthday, function or funeral.

As a guide, 1 picture usually lasts 4-8 seconds on screen, including transitions, so that's approx 10 pictures per minute, 40 pictures for a standard 4 minute song. Totally customisable including title pages, names and graphics.

Enhance your photos

Photos taken by you can be enhanced or manipulated to look like professional photos.
Every image has my personal attention.

*email your images for a quote - prices start at less than $2 an image

Shadow Art Blades

Remove unwanted distractions from your photos.

Remove the date.

Remove foreground/background irregularities.

Clean up skin blemishes.

Located in Liverpool

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