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Services / Restoration


These are some of the Restoration service offered by Brian

  • Restore damaged and aged photographs, posters or signs.
  • Pixel by pixel replacement.
  • Repair stained, scratched, faded, marked, damaged, ripped, torn, mould damage.
  • Recondition irreplaceable memories.

The above mentioned services are all completed using the latest in digital imaging equipment and software.

Wonderful gift idea - anniversaries, birthdays, fathers/mothers day, Christmas.

Restore a memory that has been hiding away for years.

My oldest restoration so far has been 80 years old - have you got something older that needs restoring?


Under A4 - prices start at $100 - with the restoration process, it's difficult to quote a firm price till the image has been seen and digitised. It's amazing the things you can see at 500% magnification.

A4 and above - prices start at $200 - again depending on the restoration required, this price is not fixed, pleas call to arrange a meeting to discuss your restoration requirements.

All customers receive one print (up to A4) and image on disc in multiple formats, including images sized for emailing.

Many of my clients are referred to me by existing clients.

Please be aware that restorations take time.

I have great passion in my work, and the minimum time usually spent on any image is usually no less than 10 hours. As you could imagine, this is not 10 hours straight, as the process is very involved and is very labour intensive.

As an example, If you would like something restored for a particular deadline, please don't contact me a week or two before the item is needed; this puts too much pressure on all parties involved.

Remember 'Rome wasn't built in a day'.

It usually takes 4-6 weeks for a smaller repair, and 6-10 weeks for larger items to be restored; of course if there is an urgent item needed sooner, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Haven't we all got something that needs restoring?

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