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The important thing about portrait photography is caring about your subject, helping them bring out their inner beauty. Let's work together to make you look your best.

Plan a day that will be relaxing, no pressure photo shoot, bring your favourite outfit or 5, bring your music, bring your partner, bring your family, you never know, we may use them in your photos or we may even do a shoot for them also.

Some advice -
1. Bring along 3-4 full outfits including shoes, jewellery and accessories.
2. Come along with your hair and make-up done as well as freshly painted toes and finger nails. Bring any touch up items with you. Also, girls please clean-up your eyebrows.
3. Bring along props, such as a handbag or purse, musical instrument or ipod, something that you relate too.
4. For family shots, wear the same complimentary colours, ie. white shirts and jeans.
5. For children, bring along some food, drink and/or entertainment, you never know, we may use them in the shoot


I create digital product images for websites, catalogues and brochures. Specialising in small volume or one off images usually smaller than a basketball, but I can do larger if requested.

Prices start from $15.

Product sequence shoot - Force Solutions

Example below of Pole Fitness Clothing - removing model and background of left image and replacing it with a digital background in right image.


It's what you can't see!

Everybody is beautiful, being nude is the ultimate expression of who you really are; it's not about perfect form or about having a '6 pack', it's about your natural beauty, the inner you.

You are in control! There's nothing more empowering than letting yourself be free to nude photography. Let me help you through your inhibitions and open up to yourself. You control the pace at which the shoot progresses, whether you are timid or demure, or unreserved, flirtatious and provocative. Let out your alter-ego. Let yourself go. Male or female naked art, masked body portraits, look good naked, silhouettes, the real you.

Fine art nude photography is not images taken by men for men. It is meant to be appreciated by all, putting women and men on a pedestal for their true beauty - not crass, tacky, confronting or inappropriate - rather the tasteful contrast between the human form and our social denials. My 'Shadow Art' allows me to follow my passion and contrast the settings and backgrounds used with the human forms in the images. In this way, the all-important use of light allows me to highlight particular parts of the human form and allow the viewer to interpret the rest; making them concentrate on shape and texture - as opposed to being overwhelmed by the distraction of colour. It's all about what you can't see!

NEW - Me, Myself & I & I & I....

A new concept I call Me, Myself & I & I & I....

It's actual a lot easier than it looks. I have plenty more ideas of scenes if anyone is interested. Please contact me and we can discuss ideas?

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