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Me, Myself & I & I & I...

A new concept I call Me, Myself & I & I & I....

It's actually a lot easier than it looks. I have plenty more ideas of scenes if anyone is interested?

Please contact me and we can discuss ideas?

Me, Myself & I & I...

Me, Myself & I & I...

Me, Myself & I & I...

Me, Myself & I & I...


Workshop/ Garage – mechanic working on car, under car, next to car, sitting in car, changing oil, changing tyre, passing tools.

Gardening - mowing lawns, doing edges, pulling weeds, planting plants.

Backyard BBQ - simply sitting down at an outdoor table, cooking the BBQ, passing BBQ tools, setting up for meal.

House Chores - cleaning, dusting, vacuuming.

Waking Up - steps taken from start to finish of getting ready, waking up in PJ's, undressing, hair, makeup/shaving, redressing.

Sport - playing basketball against yourself, 3 on 3, 5 on 5, simply need different coloured shirts/jerseys.

On a Date - seated at a table, waiter and waitress, walking past in background, arguing at a table nearby, holding hands, hugging, kissing.

Boardroom Meeting - seated in every seat, asleep, not paying attention, bored, on the phone, talking to yourself, standing at the front, trying to sneak out.

The possibilities are endless!

Contact me now!

Perfect gift for the person who has everything!

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